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They’re my new web host and they are the shit.

I used to host my site on ipage.com (don’t laugh). I was with them for nearly 10 years, taken in by their low prices that promptly increased over the first year. “Buy this” buttons flashed at me constantly while trying to edit my site, along with services and add-ons that kept appearing on my bill I had no idea about until suddenly I was expected to pay for them.

When the service slowed to a crawl about 4-5 years in, I mainly just kept my site for the simplest web presence. Sure, I fix laptops. Sure, I’ll scan your computer for viruses. I’ll recover lost data from a failing hard drive or upgrade you to an SSD. But make a website for you? Not on this package.

The service was so slow that when I tried to make a site showcasing ikebana arrangements I finally gave up because page reloads were taking so long and told the client they should try ‘wix’.

Every time I remember that moment, I hang my head in shame.

Well, no more. No more, I tell you!

Because I finally have *decent* hosting. Good hosting. Stellar hosting.

Squidix is a company based out of Indiana that has that midwestern touch to their service where they actually seem to give AF. And page reloads? They happen. Quickly. I haven’t noticed any page taking longer than I can tolerate easily. They pass the tolerable test.

I could throw stats at you or tell you about package costs, etc. but none of that really matters. I mean, it was all considered carefully when choosing my web host, but there’s tons of reviews out there you can find. This is more just about my *feelings*. And they are good. They are great. They are phenomenal.

I think I’m in love.

And what’s this?

They have cPanel? I guess that’s pretty standard these days, but try going 10 years without it. Try living with a crappy ‘buy-button’ based panel engineered to operate like you’re on Amazon.com – purchasing things left and right you have no business getting, nor can you afford – and navigating to the things you need to do while steadfastly avoiding commercial pitfalls.

Ok, so maybe this is less a charm-offensive for Squidix and more of a rebuke of ipage.

Am I going to stop this stream-of-consciousness blog posting nonsense and actually learn how to set up git versioning and SSH access?

Hopefully. For all our sake.

But seriously, if you’re looking for a web host, give them a careful look.

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