Linux or MacOS lover, but have to use Windows?

editing bashrc in nano using a mingw64 (git-bash) terminal window on Windows 1809 LTSC

Make your Windows experience more nerdy!

I tend to notice Windows users fall into a few major categories:

  1. Unaware any OS besides Windows exists
  2. Uses Windows because that’s what they’re most comfortable with
  3. Doesn’t like Windows per se, but can’t afford a Mac, and doesn’t want to grapple with Linux
  4. Likes posix-compliant OS better, but trapped by vendor lock-in requiring use of proprietary software only available on Windows

If you’re like me, you’re in the 4th category. I love package managers, bash shells, am most comfortable with nix commands and regex, and while I think powershell is a step in the right direction, the syntax is unfamiliar enough that I still have to consult references in order to do most things. It’s also ridiculously verbose compared to posix OS.

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