Automate kernel module installations for VMware Workstation on your Linux distro

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Update April 2021: I noticed VMware Workstation 16 in Ubuntu tends to install kernel modules fine through its GUI now, so a lot of this info about how to compile and install vmmon and vmnet is probably obsolete. But since it may be useful to someone using an older version of Workstation, I’ll leave it up for the time being.

In reference to this post I made earlier:

I found the most helpful script, just drop this in a text file called /etc/kernel/install.d/vmmodules.install


export LANG=C



case "$COMMAND" in
       VMWARE_VERSION=$(cat /etc/vmware/config | grep player.product.version | sed '/.*\"\(.*\)\".*/ s//\1/g')

       [ -z VMWARE_VERSION ] && exit 0

       mkdir -p /tmp/git; cd /tmp/git
       git clone -b workstation-${VMWARE_VERSION}
       cd vmware-host-modules
       make install VM_UNAME=${KERNEL_VERSION}

        exit 0

exit $ret

It’s so exciting! That should download, compile, and install the proper vmmon and vmnet kernel extensions required for Workstation every time a new kernel is installed (!!).

Now I just have to work out a way to get the MOKutil key submission in there for secure boot, but it’s definite a good start to making the installation of new kernels less painful for Workstation users on Linux.

Tested in: Ubuntu 20.10


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