Celebrate your Annual `Octocat Day`?

Adorable website throws confetti in celebration of your GitHub join date:
Useful, since after 30 days join date is difficult to find

Octocat Birthday celebration site unsurprisingly located on… wait for it…
GitHub Pages: https://nomangul.github.io/octocat-day/

I thought this was so cute, I thought I’d put it up real quick. I found it while wondering in earnest when I had signed up for GitHub. Turns out it was a lot earlier than I remembered – not that I’ve been active the entire time.

I found it rather unusual that, while other platforms like Twitter gleefully display your join date on your profile page, GitHub not only obscures the date you joined after 30 days of membership, but Google is awash with discussions about how to obscure its visibility even before 30 days is over.

One example of many: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/66988864/is-it-possible-to-hide-joined-date-of-github

What’s wrong? Are people afraid of looking … uncommitted? (womp womp)

It’s a little ridiculous, since version control activity was never meant to be a competition, but I understand perhaps dates might not align with embelleshments (intended or inadvertant) made while seeking employment. Not casting aspersions, since I couldn’t remember when I joined, either!

Maybe if GitHub were more forthcoming about user join date, it’d be easier to provide accurate information. But, thanks to Octocat Day tool coming to the rescue, users can be reminded of when they joined the site with a celebration replete with confetti. 🥳

Thanks to @Nomangul for making this one.

Repo: https://github.com/nomangul/octocat-day/

Author: Avery Freeman

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